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Students from LUC The Hague experience the NOS Newsroom

LUC students got an immersive newsroom experience on a field trip to Dutch broadcasting company NOS. Five students who took the LUC course Multimedia Journalism in block 3 got a three-hour tour of the NOS newsroom in Hilversum.

News Anchor

They spoke to journalists working in all parts of the multimedia organization: online journalists, TV news reporters, radio broadcasters, writers and more. They witnessed the live broadcast of the flagship TV news program Acht Uur Journaal from inside the control room, and met several of the best-known TV personalities in the Netherlands, including news anchor Annechien Steenhuizen. Several of the students said they found the experience "mind blowing" and "thrilling." One even said, "when I walked into that newsroom and saw people working creatively in that cooperative enviroment, I knew it: journalism is for me."

Robert Chesal, who teaches Multimedia Journalism at LUC The Hague, also works as a freelance international news editor at NOS. Every year, he offers students who take his Journalism courses a guided tour of the NOS under his leadership.

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