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Digging deeper into Soils, Sediment and Society with Peter Houben

A group of 12 LUC students went to the Eifel mountains for the annual field trip within the course 'Soils, Sediment, and Society' of Dr. Peter Houben. Dr. Peter Houben is Assistant Professor of Environmental Earth Sciences and Sustainability at Leiden University College The Hague.

Classroom Environment

The field trip aims to get students acquainted with the essentials of soil science. More than in a class room environment, students are able to make distinctions between different soils and how they originated when being in the field. This year’s version of the field trip was especially focussed on making connections between the properties of the soils, weather, geographic history, vegetation, human impact, and climate change. A tour of forester Ewald Michels was a unique addition to this, for he explained the current and future challenges in forest management as a result of the changing climate. The field activities were altered by well-deserved relaxation moments filled with campfires, table tennis and an occasional drink.

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