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Bram Klievink appointed at new chair Digitalization and Public Policy

As per 1st May 2019, Leiden University appointed Bram Klievink as professor of Public Administration with a focus on digitalization and public policy. The new chair has been established at the Institute of Public Administration of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University. Bram Klievink focuses on the opportunities and challenges of digitalization for public management.

Bram Klievink, Professor Digitalization and Public Policy

The field of this chair regards public administration in relation to the increasing digitalization of society and government. More specifically, this chair studies how data and artificial intelligence influence policy and management, the effects of digitalization on the institutes of public management, and how digitalization changes the interface between government and society.

Multidisciplinary approach

As chair holder, Klievink will use his multidisciplinary background to play a forming role in education and research for these topics. The guiding principle is the interaction between data and digitalization on the one hand and management on the other hand. Bram looks at technical innovations in a public context and at opportunities and challenges for public administration in the information society. 

About Bram Klievink

Bram Klievink studied business information technology and political science and obtained a PhD at TU Delft with a dissertation on electronic services by networks of public and private parties.  Up to 1st May, he was Associate Professor and Head of the Organisation&Governance section at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of TU Delft.

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