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Robbert van Eijk speaking on Digital Data Flows Masterclass

Dr. Van Eijk will teach an advertising technology Masterclass for the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) next week. It is the fourth session of the FPF & Brussels Privacy Hub's Digital Data Flows series. Van Eijk will be teaching alongside Adam Towvim (Brandeis International Business School) and moderated by FPF's Stacey Gray.

In the Masterclass, they will explore the basics of real-time bidding (RTB), the automated process of selecting advertisements to be served to a particular user or device in the time it takes a website to load; the flow of online data between websites, ad networks, and intermediaries; and how data is used for behavioral or interest-based advertising. The Masterclass takes place Wednesday 1 May 2019, in Washington, DC from 9-11am Eastern Time (3-5pm Central European Time). For European audiences, remote participation is possible. See this website for more information. 

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