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More than 500 students at 2nd edition Campus The Hague Career Event

Wednesday afternoon April 10th the 2nd edition of the Campus The Hague Career Event took place, organised by Career Service. More than 500 students and recent graduates from three faculties were in Wijnhaven to attend workshops and to network with employers.

The career event started with the keynote speech by Amber Brantsen. Amber is an Alumna of Public Administration at Leiden University, and told the students about her career path, how to deal with setbacks and how to figure out what kind of career would suit you best.

At the end of her speech she gave the students five recommendations:

- Choose what suits you best

- Do scary things

- Expect setbacks

- Don't let setbacks stop you

- Stay modest

After the keynote speech, it was time for the students to immediately start applying Amber's advice by going to talk with employers with perhaps a job or internship in mind. Students were also able to register for workshop rounds of more than 25 organisations that were largely given in English. In the workshop by Defensity College, participants discovered what kind of leaders they are. Group dynamics, analysis techniques and dilemmas that are the daily work for Defense were highlighted. In addition, there were also skype sessions with employees of the United Nations HQ in New York and of Google in California. Other organisations that gave workshops included: Europol, Oxfam Novib, OECD and KLM.

In addition to networking and asking questions to employers, students could also have a professional photo taken, have their CV checked, and receive style advice so that they can be well prepared for their ideal job or internship.

Reactions from students after the event were: “As an international student of Leiden University, I find a career event like this a really interesting opportunity. It’s important to know how to get into internships, and networks are really the key nowadays so it’s great that something like this is organised”. “I thought it was nice to see that there was a mix a Dutch and international organisations, you can talk to many different kinds of employers and in this way, you can see what might be a good fit for you in the future”.

We hope to give many students a kickstart of their career next year again!

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