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LIACS part of Horizon 2020 project about social media analytics

Since January 2019, The Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science is part of the RISE_SMA project. In this European project 6 universities, in collaboration with companies, government authorities and NGOs, will join forces to get more insight in social media data during crisis situations. The kick-off meeting took place on April 15 and 16 in Duisburg.

Michael Emmerich, Frank Takes and Suzan Verberne, researchers of LIACS, are involved in this project. They investigate how data spreads through complex networks and determine the origin of the data. The relevance and reliability of the information will also be reviewed. 

Automated data processing

Communication via social media in situations of crisis produces large quantities of data. Manual data analysis is therefore no option. With this project, the researchers hope to find a manner to process these large quantities of data automatically. During, for example, a natural disaster, information is analyzed quickly. Autorities will then have a better overview and can act effectively based on the information that is available. In the end this will ensure a safer environment during crisis. 

International collaboration

The international collaboration with academic researchers in fields such as communication science, media studies and complex system science, is what makes this project exeptional. Besides academic researchers, the project involves researchers of business and NGOs as well. By collaborating they hope to find new insights in social media analytics. 

More information about this project.

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