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Free symposium reveals surprising uses of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help humans in many different ways: from customised medicine and self-driving cars to preserving our cultural heritage. On 4 April academics from Leiden will talk about the achievements and opportunities of AI. A research dossier on AI is also online now, which looks in detail at research in Leiden.

AI systems can view a million X-ray images and learn to identify tumours, and can theoretically become more accurate than a radiologist. The same is true for other imaging techniques, such as MRI and CT scans. In this MRI scan of a wrist a computer automatically identified bones (red) and sinews (various colours).

Which specific medical treatment would work well on you? We can find this out with the aid of AI. Thanks to the development of AI, we can recognise patterns in large quantities of patient data, and this can result in therapies that are custom developed for the individual patient. AI will also help us design molecules for more effective medicines, with fewer side-effects.

Fascinating developments

These are just some of a range of fascinating developments that will be unveiled at the Artificial Intelligence public symposium at Leiden University. Researchers at Leiden work from various perspectives on AI that complements human intelligence. At the symposium experts from many different disciplines will talk about the surprising uses of AI in their work. This is not to say that the symposium will be a passive experience. Participants will be given ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss matters with the researchers.

App that helps you negotiate

Anyone wanting to learn more about the topic before – or after – the symposium, can read all about it in Leiden University’s new online research dossier on AI. This contains interviews with leading researchers at Leiden, some of whom will speak at the symposium. In the dossier, the researchers talk about the diverse uses of AI. Robots that can think and self-driving cars are discussed, as are less obvious examples such as an app that helps you negotiate, for instance at a job interview, or AI that helps look for undiscovered burial mounds in the Netherlands.

Artificial Intelligence reserach dossier

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