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Seminar: 'Data Science meets Humanities'

Seminar 12th of April

The Data Science Research Programme's traveling seminar series along all faculties is visiting the Faculty of Humanities! In this era of globalisation, humanities are more important than ever. Migration, integration, trade and technology are blurring the borders between countries and cultures. To be able to cooperate and live together, it is crucial that we understand each other. Research and education range from languages, cultures, area studies to history, philosophy, arts and religous studies. We are driven by passion and curiosity about the world around us.

The Centre for Digital Humanities focuses on the role of humanities in a digital age, by using computational research approaches. It promotes the informed and critical uses of digital technology and computational approaches in art, literature, history, area studies, linguistics, philosophy, religion, and other disciplines of the humanities. Today, cultural artifacts are increasingly available in digitised or born-digital form and computing power, which has grown exponentially over the last several decades, is more accessible than ever.
The centre aims to bring together students and faculty from across the Leiden community to explore the crossroads of the humanities and computing. Its inclusive approach envisions the digital humanities as an umbrella under which researchers and students adapt computational and computer-aided methods to access, analyse, sequence, and present cultural artifacts in new ways.

At this seminar the various appliances of Data Science within Humanities will be demonstrated in a series of short presentations by PhD candidates, also part of the Data Science Research Programme, and their supervisors from the Faculty of Humanities. The topics range from new methods for comparing sign language corpora to the possibilities for automatic detection of cross-linguistic syntactic differences.

The afternoon will be closed with drinks and snacks at the Faculty Club in the Academy Building

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