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Portraits Johan Kuiper and Ilze Bot on Hartstichting.nl

The Heart Foundation has portrayed researchers Johan Kuiper and Ilze Bot of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) who fight heart and brain infarcts in the lab.

Johan Kuiper and Ilze Bot from the division BioTherapeutics of Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research investigate the contribution of the immune system to the development of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is known to be the major underlying cause of acute cardiovascular syndromes such as  myocardial infarction or stroke. Their ultimate goal is to find a new treatment for patients suffering from atherosclerosis to prevent these acute cardiovascular events and to halt mortality due to cardiovascular diseases.

This research is funded by the Heart Foundation, which has portrayed both Kuiper and Bot in their labs. On the website you can view both researchers, who show the labs and their research lines, and discuss their motivation for this important work.

The Heart Foundation – Preventing cardiovascular diseases: take a look along with our researchers

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