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Michiel Luining on European 'Dictator' Viktor Orbán

Furious protesters in Budapest and other Hungarian cities demand the departure of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The reason for the large-scale protests is the adaptation of the labor law, especially lucrative for German companies and investors, by the Hungarian prime minister.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shows that he is formally complying with EU law, but in practice he continues to succeed in further deteriorating the democratic rule of law in Hungary. Many highly educated young people, who utter criticism to this policy, leave the country. The developments in Hungary and its reaction from the European People's Party provide insight that European market integration does not automatically lead to achieving European values: peace, prosperity and democracy. In addition, it has also become clear that the EU's position in relation to Orbán's policy is too lean towards EU institutions. The criminal procedure that has now been put in place and lies with the Council of EU Ministers appears to be unsuitable and too late.

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Photo: Hungarian protests in Budapest, December 2018

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