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Strategic partnership eLaw and Privacy Company

Strategic partnership with Privacy Company brings GDPR work experience to students of Law and Digital Technologies.

Two students from eLaw’s Advanced Master’s program Law and Digital Technologies joined up with Privacy Company in Den Haag to gain practical insights into the daily business of one of The Netherland’s leading GDPR consultancy companies.

The Law & Digital technologies Clinic was part of a concerted effort to develop strategic partnerships with industry and is an important part of the student experience. As law can often be abstract, practical insights into its application brings benefits to not only students, but employers. The Advanced Master’s program in Law & Digital Technologies developed work experience with Privacy Company in Den Haag to provide students an opportunity to apply Europe’s data protection regulation (GDPR) outside of the classroom.

The coordinator of the clinic, Dr Mark Leiser, stated: "It was a pleasure working with the team of highly capable data protection experts at Privacy Company. Students were thrilled at the opportunity to gain some real-world experience in data protection law. The Privacy Company directors reported back to us that they enjoyed the presence of the students in their offices and found both their presentation and discussion very useful".

"We hope to build on this experience by offering more students practical field work. This is only the beginning of strategic alliances between our Advanced Master’s program and industry for the benefit of our students".

Students Lexo Zardiashvili and Kemal Kumkumoğlu travelled to Den Haag over the summer of 2018, culminating their experience with the delivery of a report and presentation into the way four EU Member States implement protections against the harms often associated with algorithmic decision-making.

Lexo Zardiashvili stated the "clinic at Privacy Company provided a valuable experience as it helped me perceive the GDPR from the perspective of private companies and let me see the challenges data protection legislation raises in practice rather than in theory".

eLaw plans to continue its relationship with Privacy Company with another Law & Digital Technologies clinic in the summer of 2019.

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