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Interior renovation about to begin at Arsenaal

Renovation work on the Arsenaal is set to begin at the start of January! Careful preparations by the Real Estate Directorate and the faculty have laid the foundations for construction company Du Prie to get to work on this second building to be renovated as part of the Humanities Campus project.

Just like the P.J. Veth building, the Arsenaal is a listed building. That means that the design, as well as the wishes of our faculty and the Real Estate Directorate, had to be discussed in detail with other organisations, mainly municipal bodies. There will be no change to the external appearance of the Arsenaal, but the interior will be completely renovated. The office areas are set to receive a new layout and a fresh, modern look. There will also be several classrooms, a courtyard garden, workspaces in the attic and a self-study area in the patio. Wherever possible, the renovation will re-use the original materials, such as the wood from the old window frames. The New Horizon company has also ‘harvested’ bricks, cables and pipework. Any materials that cannot be recycled in the Arsenaal will be re-used in a different project.

Who, what, where and when

The renovation is expected to take about a year, which means that LUCAS institute staff and some staff from the LUCL institute should be able to move into the building in the spring of 2020. The preparatory work for the renovation will begin on Monday 17 December. If you have any questions, or in the event of an emergency on the construction site, please contact the contractor: Henny Kanters, by e-mail to hk@duprie.nl or by calling 0650510023.

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