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Humanities Campus

Future-proof education in a green environment

Leiden University is building on its future in Leiden. As a means to achieving this aim, the University will be investing in excess of 100 million euros over the coming years in constructing the new accommodation for the Faculty of Humanities at Witte Singel and Doelensteeg. The University aims with this new Humanities Campus, closely linked with the University Library and its important collections, to safeguard the quality of its teaching and research for students and researchers. The campus, and in particular the new central square alongside the water, will become an area where students and staff, as well as visitors and Leiden residents can enjoy spending time. The square will be a pleasant, green space with, in the adjacent buildings, a number of facilities open to the public, such as a literary café and a restaurant. The campus will also have better connections with nearby areas, such as the city centre and the Singelpark.

Photo: Monique Shaw.

The project

This project has been given the name ‘Humanities Campus’. The area will undergo major changes over the coming ten years, in different phases, while the teaching will continue as normal. The biggest change will be the creation of a new central square and two education buildings. To make this possible, the houses at Sebastiaansdoelen will have to be demolished. The existing education buildings in the vicinity will be dealt with one by one. In some cases a location will undergo reconstruction, and in other cases the site will be renovated or a completely new building will be erected.

The first sub-project has now been completed. Following a large-scale internal renovation, the P.J. Veth Building, next to the Hortus botanicus, was officially opened in 2017. The second sub-project is the internal renovation of the historic Arsenaal. This started in 2019 and was completed in 2020. The whole Humanities Campus should be completed in 2029.

View the project planning.

View a description of the sub-projects.

Impression Humanities Campus

The vision: a central square within a park

The new area will become a campus: a central square that forms the heart of all the education buildings. The Latin word ‘campus’ literally means ‘open space’ or ‘field’. All the teaching and research facilities for students and staff at the Faculty of Humanities will as far as possible be located in one place in Leiden. The design encompasses an attractive, park-like area along the Witte Singel where students, staff and visitors can enjoy spending time. The plan takes account of the growth that the faculty has been experiencing since 2011. During the construction work, teaching and research will continue as normal.

Photo: Monique Shaw.

Consequences for the current residents

The construction of the Humanties Campus has consequences for the current residents of the residential complex at de Doelensteeg (part of social housing corporation De Sleutels). It will be necessary to demolish 58 houses. Municipality Leiden, the university and De Sleutels have succeeded in finding attractive new residential locations. At these location, a large number of different kinds of houses can be built.  

To read more about the alternative resedential locations, click here. 

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