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Humanities Campus

Redevelopment of Witte Singel-Doelen Complex

Leiden University is building its future. Over the coming years over 100 million euros will be invested in the significant expansion of the Faculty of Humanities and associated knowledge partners and institutes. With the new Humanities Campus, the University aims to guarantee the quality of its teaching and research, and continue to be attractive proposition for national and international students and researchers.

Humanities Campus Project

Humanities Campus Project is the name of the redevelopment of the Witte Singel-Doelen Complex, the location of the Faculty of Humanities and associated knowledge partners and institutes. Over a period of ten years the Complex will undergo a gradual metamorphosis, while classes continue to be taught. A complex operation therefore, in which the buildings will be tackled one by one. The work will vary from the improvement or renovation of existing buildings to the construction of new ones. The first project, the renovation of the interior of the P.J. Veth Building, is complete. The Institute of Philosophy and others have since moved into this building, which is situated by the Hortus botanicus. The next project involves internal improvements to the historic Arsenaal Building. Leiden Municipal Council has determined the next steps in the development of the Humanities Campus. The campus model, supplemented by housing, will form the basis of its urban development plans, with investigations underway into how housing can be realised. 

Impression Humanities Campus

Campus Model

The University and the Municipality see the campus model as the most future-proof and attractive model for the Faculty and city. The central square will create cohesion between the buildings, be a place to meet and work with others and provide space for greenery. The model will also ensure that teaching and research can continue during the construction phase and provide space for the campus to grow in future. The campus will have a significant impact on the residents of an adjacent housing complex, because this will need to be demolished. How and to what extent housing will return in this area is unclear as yet. With the interests of the current residents at stake, the Municipality is working on a solution that is acceptable to them, which will comprise alternative accommodation and a social plan to reduce the inconvenience of the situation. 

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