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First members of Young Academy Leiden selected

February 2019 will see the launch of the Young Academy Leiden (YAL). Founded by the Leiden members of De Jonge Akademie of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, the YAL has been designed to support the university’s talented early career scholars.

This programme is in tune to recommendations made by the working group Rankings and Top Talent following their appraisal of Leiden University’s approaches to scientific excellence and talent management.


The first members of the YAL will be inaugurated in early 2019, and have now been selected. They are

  • Tom Louwerse (chair, Social and Behavioural Sciences)
  • Helen Pluut (vice-chair, Law)
  • Sarah Schrader (Archaeology)
  • Olaf van Vliet (Lae)
  • Joris Larik, Sarah Giest (both Governance and Global Affairs)
  • Martin Lipman (Humanities)
  • Anouk Goemans, Annemarie Samuels (both Social and Behavioural Sicences)
  • Stéphanie van der Pas, Yamila Miguel (both Science)
  • Noel de Miranda en Maaike van der Putten (both LUMC)

Bringing a diverse range of skills from across the disciplines, YAL members will collaborate to develop activities that will enable audiences from young scholars to the general public to share in their knowledge and experience. The first of these activities will take place as part of the celebrations marking the foundation of Leiden University 444 years ago

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