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Aarts and Cheianov receive NWO Physics Projectruimte

NWO has granted Jan Aarts en Vadim Cheianov a Physics Projectruimte, a granting instrument for small-scale projects that propose innovative fundamental physics research that has a scientific, industrial or social urgency.

Spin texture Josephson junctions

Jan Aarts

A Josephson junction is a weak electrical link connecting two superconductors which allows the fabrication of components for superconducting electronics. We will study a fully novel implementation of magnetic weak links, which can add a different level of control over the supercurrent through the switching of the magnetization direction.

Slow as light, fast as a snail

Vadim Cheianov

Sometimes the only way to quickly get where you need to go is to be really slow. Or so says the theory of adiabaticity—a concept behind certain strategies of quantum computational speedup. This project aims to get to the heart of this concept and lift the veil on how slow you have to be to be really fast.

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