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Christa Tobler speaks at Budapest conference on “Best practices in interactive teaching and learning”

On 12 and 13 September 2018, a training conference organized by the Working Group on Judicial Training Methods of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) took place at the Hungarian Academy of Justice in Budapest, Hungary.

Presentations on interactive teaching and learning were followed by workshops on a number of practical aspects. Christa Tobler, Professor of European Law at the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Leiden, was responsible for the workshop on the methodology for using mock court cases in judicial training.

The workshop used as its starting point a case of the European Law Moot Court competition (ELMC), of a previous round of the competition, relating to the under-representation of women in senior posts at European universities. Christa Tobler is a long-term judge on the level of the regional oral rounds of that competition. In the workshop, she used the ELMC case for the purpose of discussing with the participants how to build instructions for a debate, for a case study and for mock court proceedings for the purposes of training.

More information about the EJTN can be found here.

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