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‘I now know where the locals eat in The Hague’

During the HOP week, new students in The Hague get to know the city, their study programme and - most important of all - one another. We asked three students how they found their days as students.

Robert Eijkelenkamp (18) - Public Administration

‘The first day of the HOP week was really good. We explored the city, relaxed in the park, met a lot of new people - it was great!  My fellow students are nice, and I can already say I've met a few  that I get on with really well. I think Public Administration is a good programme for me. Later I want to work at the top of a company, or in politics. The first year I'll stay living with my parents in Monster, but after that I want to find a room in The Hague so I can be more independent.' 

Robert Eijkelenkamp

Sofia Leedy (18) – International Studies

‘I'm from Philadelphia in the US. Later, I want to work somewhere where I can use my language skills. I speak English, Spanish and French, and I'm going to learn German. I want to use this knowledge at an embassy or NGO, so I was looking for a programme that would match my aims. That's how I came to The Hague. The International Studies programme is the most internationally oriented programme of all!  During the first few days of the HOP week I and my fellow students got to know the city. Now I know where the locals eat and shop, which is very useful information!'  

Sofia Leedy

Olivier Gerrits (18) – Security Studies

‘I'm really enjoying being here. My fellow students are great, as is the city. My sister also lives in the Hague, so I've been here a few times. but thanks to the tour given by my mentor guides, I've got to know the city in a different light. The Hague is not such a true student city as Leiden, but then that really appeals to me. I'm hoping I can find a job with the Ministry of Defence once I've graduated. It's a place where you can help people, and of course the uniform lends it a particular status.' 

Olivier Gerrits

Culture & Food Festival

We spoke with some new students in The Hague at the Culture & Food Festival, to see what they already know about 'their' city.


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