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Bringing an album full of photos to Leiden University College

Leiden University College is buzzing with life again. On 13 August, this year’s new crop of students moved into their rooms. For more than two hundred first-year students, LUC will be their home for the next three years. On the occasion of ‘moving day’, we spoke with three of them.

Maddie Komons (United States)

‘I am super-excited about it! What I like most is the fact that Leiden University College has a strong international programme. I’m hoping to work for a multinational organisation later. I got this from my father, who currently works at the American embassy in Vienna. In my summer jobs I’ve already worked on nuclear arms control and for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). I’m not really likely to get homesick, because I know for sure my sister will come and visit me very often in The Hague.’

Michael Forde (Australia)

‘Home is where you make it. So for the next few years that will be in The Hague. I’m very interested in public health. Leiden University College does a lot in this area, and if everything goes to plan, I also want to make it my major. Maybe later I’ll work for an NGO that aims to improve public health. And also the Netherlands is just a fantastic country for one of my hobbies: cycling. In Perth I’ve already been knocked off my bike twice this year, so it can only get better. As a reminder of home, I’m bringing an album full of photos with me. My Australian friends took them with a polaroid camera at my leaving party. There’s some really crazy photos in there, because we’d had a few beers.’

María Sanchez Esteban (Mexico)

‘I come from Mexico, but my parents are Spanish. Over the last few years I’ve studied in Bosnia and the United States. So it’s not surprising that I’m especially interested in international issues, such as international migration and environmental pollution. The Hague is the ideal location for me to specialise further in these issues, because it’s the home of many important international tribunals and courts. And Leiden University College will also form a good basis for my future career in this field. My main hope for the coming years is to be able to learn a lot from other students. Mexicans are open and hospitable people, so I think my wish will come true.’

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