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Moritz Jesse gives two presentations in Chicago

Dr. Moritz Jesse, associate professor for European Law gave two presentations at the annual conference of the Council for European Studies, which took place in the city of Chicago, end of March 2018.

The Council brings scholars from Europe and the US together to exchange views on European integration and current political challenges. Jesse dealt with EU Citizenship in the first presentation. The presentation bore the title ‘Formalizing Formulas - the EU Court's Move Back to the Market Roots in Difficult Times?’ was about how far the EU’s Court of Justice re-emphasized market-citizenship in its recent line of cases starting with the famous Dano judgment. The paper concluded that the differentiation between economically active persons, such as workers, and not-economically active persons has never disappeared from neither EU law not decisions of the CJEU and that looking at the status of an individual in this regard is legitimate. However, this does not mean, that the latest developments will not lead to new problems. The paper was an adaptation of a paper Jesse had written and presented together with Daniel Carter, PhD Candidate at the Europa Institute Leiden.

The second paper argued that the policies and legislative initiatives on the EU level introduced after the so-called refugee crises in 2015 in the field of migration and asylum will accentuate the division between EU Citizens and third-country nationals as the primary characteristic to determine an individual’s legal status. The paper, titled, ‘Who “We” Really Are – National Identities Tested By (Mass-)Migration?’, introduced the idea, that the dichotomy EU citizen v third-country national for the first time will carry more legal weight in national administrative practice than the traditional national (of a member state) v foreigner dichotomy if the legislative reforms introduced in the aftermath of 2015 are adopted.


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