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Jasmina Mačkić delivers a lecture during the Equal Rights Conference ‘Show Your True Colours’

Jasmina Mačkić, assistant professor at the Europa Institute, delivered a lecture about topics related to discrimination during the Equal Rights Conference ‘Show Your True Colours’ in Leiden. The conference was organised by AEGEE-Leiden from the 24th up to an including the 27th of May 2018.

AEGEE-Leiden is a European student association which organises various fun and substantive activities in Leiden. It is part of the AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe), which is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisations and which uses its network to achieve a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. AEGEE-Leiden is connected to sister-organisations in more than 200 student cities in more than forty European countries. Each year, one of the networks organises an event and offers the opportunity to students from all other networks to attend it (for more information, see the AEGEE-Leiden webpage). This year AEGEE-Leiden invited students from all over Europe to discuss topics related to ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity‘ and ‘Gender Equality’.

On 27 May 2018 the conference revolved around the themes of gender equality and feminism. That day, Mačkić discussed during her lecture two crucial topics. The first was about the questions how to recognise and combat gender-based violence and violence against members from the LGBT community. The guidelines from the case law of the European Court of Human Rights were used to answer those questions. The second topic covered in the lecture was the potential of EU law to serve as a tool in combating harassment and sexual harassment. The lecture was attended by approximately forty ambitious students who engaged in a lively discussion about these issues.

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