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Field Trip NCTV

On the 14th and 15th of March, we, the students of Security Studies, went on a field trip to the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) in the Ministry of Justice and Security.

After meeting at the entrance of the ministry, following a passport control, we had a very enjoyable, and interesting lecture by one of the senior officers at the crisis center of the NCTV. He explained us more about the structures, goals, and procedures of the NCTV. 

The lecture started with an overview of all departments within the NCTV. Something I did not know beforehand, is that the NCTV consists of five policy departments, including a cyber security and a resilience department. The crisis center falls under the resilience department. 

What I, personally, found very interesting was the evacuation procedures for the Netherlands. As explained, there are some main procedures during an evacuation. For example, there are numerous groups which have priority in evacuating. The obvious, such as children and the elderly, are part of this group, but also (which is often forgotten) detainees. This group is also considered as a priority in an evacuation.  

After the lecture, the groups on the 15h of March visited the crisis center. This was, unfortunately, not possible for the groups on the 14th of March.

The field trip was a very interesting activity within the course of 'Case study Fukushima'.  Besides the talk itself, it was exciting to see the building of the ministry from  inside.

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