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Two Leiden Law School Alumni Awarded Second Prize of Wells-HeinOnline-Frontiers of Law in China Paper Competition

Dr. Jingshu Zhu, a former PhD student at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, and Ms. Qiaozi Guanglin, alumna from Leiden Law School’s LL.M. in Public International Law have both received the second prize of Wells- HeinOnline-Frontiers of Law in China Paper Competition.

Dr. Jingshu Zhu was awarded the second prize for her article, co-written with Xiaofei Guo on ‘Silent Changes: Transsexuals’ Right to Marry in China’s Mainland and Hong Kong’. Ms. Qiaozi Guanglin was also awarded the second prize for her article ‘‘Public Morals’ and Trade Liberalization: Analysis of the Application of Article XX (a) of the GATT in the EC-Seal Products Dispute’, which was based on her LLM thesis, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Eric De Brabandere. 

The Wells-Heinonline-Frontiers of Law in China Paper Competition was initiated by Frontiers of Law in China, a peer-reviewed academic law journal published by Brill, and the Wells-HeinOnline China Law & Society Library. The former was established by Renmin Law School and the Chinese Higher Education Press. 

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