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Students complete Honours Class on the aftermath of the Refugee Crisis

On 8 March the students of the Honours Class presented their paper proposals for the conclusion of the Honours Class on the aftermath of the European Refugee Crisis. In this course students looked at the interplay between the refugee crisis, the EU’s response to this crisis and the practical effects in The Netherlands.

They studied the basics of EU asylum law and discussed the legal and factual background to the refugees crisis. The course was taught by Jorrit Rijpma, Jean Monnet Professor on Mobility and Security in Europe.

Throughout the course guest speakers were invited to share their practical experience with the students. This included a refugee lawyer, the director of the Dutch Refugee Council (Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland), a recognised refugee as well as a policy officer from the Return Unit of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. The students also visited a reception centre in Katwijk, where families with minor children that no longer have right to stay in The Netherlands are housed awaiting their return.

Students enjoyed the course for the link it provided between law and practice, as well as between EU and national level.

“There were really interesting guest speakers that had in one way or the other personal or working experience with refugee situation. I’d really recommend this course!” (Honours Student Abdessamad El Allaoui)

 “Complex topics were approached from a practical perspective. The guest speakers brought the course materials to life” (Honours Student Nynke Borman)

“I now have a better understanding of the Dutch asylum procedure. The visit to the reception centre was a valuable addition: this made me realise the (tough) reality for asylum seekers” (Honours Student Julija Novovic)

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