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Jorrit Rijpma holds a series of lectures at the Erasmus University

In the framework of his Jean Monnet Chair on Mobility and Security, Jorrit Rijpma has given a series lectures on EU migration and asylum law to the students of the interdisciplinary master on Governance of Migration and Diversity. This interdisciplinary master was set up in the framework of the Leiden Delft Erasmus cooperation. It currently does not have a legal track. In his last lecture on 2 February, Rijpma discussed the legal and practical aspect of the EU’s return policy.

Prof. Scholten’s Honours Course

On 23 January, Rijpma also presented in the framework of Prof. Scholten’s Honours Course on the Challenges and Opportunities of International Migration. Rijpma introduced the students of different disciplines to the Europeanisation of migration and asylum policies, using the refugee crisis as a case study. The lectures was concluded with a presentation by students on the EU’s relocation mechanism.

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