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Use the new audio tour to stroll past the Leiden wall formulas

From now on, you can go for a walk through Leiden’s scientific history and at the same time across the historic city center itself. Master students Lotte Koemans and Mandy Meijer have developed an audio tour which takes you past all six wall formulas in the inner city of Leiden.

Now that the first six formulas are painted on Leiden walls, they fashion a beautiful hike across the city. The tour starts at Einstein’s field equations on museum Boerhaave, and runs via landmarks like Hendrik Lorentz’ former house and the historic observatory to the formula for Lorentz contraction next to the Ins Blau theatre. At each wall formula, the audio tour not only describes the underlying physics, but also provides information on the formula’s inventor and his connection to Leiden.

Master students Lotte Koemans and Mandy Meijer have developed the audio tour for the course science communication, under supervision of Julia Cramer. At the moment, the tour is exclusively available in Dutch, but the German version will appear soon, voiced by PhD student Gesa Welker. Other languages, including English, follow during the course of 2018.

You can download the audio tour for free with the app izi TRAVEL.

The wall formulas are an initiative of physicists Sense Jan van der Molen and Ivo van Vulpen, who work together with Stichting TEGENBEELD to get them on Leiden walls. The project is sponsored by the municipality of Leiden, the Leiden science faculty, the Gorter foundation and the Lorentz fund.

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