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Photo contest 'Food and Society' (Deadline 3 April 2018)

Are you a great photographer? Or not at all, but you do have a brilliant photo that captures the relationship between food and people? Join the photo contest ‘Food & Society’ of our Faculty and send in your best photo before 3 April 2018!

Important dates:

Food & Society : We are what we eat

We challenge you – students, lecturers, staff, PhD candidates and minor students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences – to show off your photographic talents in the very first Faculty wide photo contest. The theme is Food & Society.

Food is a life necessity, but people use food in various ways, places and times. In our social lives – in all cultures, at all ages and at all social levels – food plays an important part. What does food mean to different people? What influence does it have on someones live? What can be influenced by food? And what is the impact of sharing food on our behaviour? These are interesting questions in all our social and behavioural sciences; yet, which images capture the essence of them? A picture sometimes says more than a 1000 words…

….and winning a prize with that is even better! Next to eternal fame for the selected photos which will be exposed in the Pieter de la Court building, the 5 top photographers will win some interesting prizes and must haves for photographers and social scientists. In addition to that, the first prize winner will be the luckiest of all, going home with the Faculty trophy and a publication in the Leiden University's weekly newspaper, Mare!

So take your camera and take a shot!

Curious for what we expect? Check the rules


This year's jury consists of the following members:

  • Patricia Nauta (this years appointed Leiden City Photographer)
  • Frank Provoost (Leiden University's weekly newspaper Mare)
  • Cristina Grasseni (Scientific Director, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology)
  • Esther Peelen (support staff, Education and Child Studies)
  • Bastiaan Vuyk (Master student Psychology, Leiden)
  • Imke Kruizinga (Bachelor student International Relations & Organisations, The Hague)

The rules

  • 1 colour photo (no black and white) per person, as attachment in the e-mail
  • Send in before 30 March 2018 to  fotowedstrijd@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
  • Photo captures the theme ‘Food & Society’ and shows people in it
  • Format: JPEG, minimum 2 MB and 300 dpi
  • Ratio: 2:3 (magnification 40x60cm possible)
  • Send in your photo  accompanied by a motivation including:
    • Title, description, link with the theme ‘Food & Society’ and social and behavioural sciences perspective (max. 100 words)
      This will be used for the text accompanying the photos in the exposition.
    • Place and date of the photo
    • Name and category of the participant (Bachelor student, Master student, PhD candidate, lecturer, staff, minor student at the Faculty)
    • Your e-mail address
  • Photos can be adjusted within the following limits:
    • Cropping, sharpening, adjusting contrast, lighting and white balance
    • Brushing away small spots and smudges
    • Not permitted is cloning, removal of dominant elements or adding such element, text or frames
    • Photo’s should not be artistically modified. So no creative filters. The contest is about photography, not artificial art.
  • By submitting your photo, you agree to the possibility of your photo being used on the websites, social media and promotional material of the Faculty, it’s student associations and Leiden University and might be added to the exposition in the public areas of the Pieter de la Court building.
  • No correspondence will be entered into regarding results and the awarding of the prizes.

For questions regarding the photo contest you can turn to the web editor of your own institute or department or send an email to fotowedstrijd@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

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