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VSNU presents Digital Society research agenda

The Digital Society research agenda was presented by the Dutch universities during the VSNU Impact festival on 23 November.

Minister Van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science) was presented with the first copy by the three authors of the agenda, including Leiden Professor of Health Psychology Andrea Evers.

The aim of the research agenda is to put the Netherlands in a leading international position in the area of people-oriented information technology and to find solutions for worldwide challenges. The agenda focuses on seven themes: citizenship and democracy,  responsible data sciences, health and wellbeing, learning and education, work and organisations, digital cities and communities, and  safety and security. 

The research agenda is unique in the Netherlands: the fourteen universities are combining forces and will together free up and apply research capacity to develop the agenda in more detail. The research agenda builds on the first proposition to be addressed: the digital society. Besides Evers, other researchers who are contributing to the research agenda are:  Marleen Huysman, Franciska de Jong, Liesbet van Zoonen, Harold Bekkering, Frank van Harmelen, Inald Lagendijk and Maarten de Rijke.

The Digital Society

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