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Polariks wins starter competition LEF

The LEF 2017 Start-up competition has been won by Polariks and their coach Bart Hoenen. Competing for the prize, start-ups Polariks, 1915 Watches and Vrendly presented their respective entrepreneurial ideas to an audience of 350. After the presentations, the jury was tasked with the difficult job of selecting a winner; the audience members could vote online for their favorite entrepeneurs. The competition’s finals where held on the 7th of November in the Leidsche Schouwburg.

SBB Alumni Win the LEF 2017 Start-up competition

Assessing the diseases and ripeness of grapes using hypersensitive cameras? It was this idea that won student and respectively ex-student, Max Wijsman and Dennis Van Der Wiel the LEF  starterscompetition.
Wijsman (Astrophysics) and Van der Wiel (Biology) won the price with their own start-up Polariks. They designed a hypersensitive camera that has the ability to gather information about the molecules inside a grape. Using this technique, which is used in aerospace technology, the wine grower can assess if a grape is ripe or is diseased.


The jury called Polariks’  ‘A sustainable, innovative, international and feasible project’. Wijsman and Van der Wiel received their 2500 gift on the 7th of November in a packed Leidsche Schouwburg. They left their competition, watch manufacturer, 1915 Watches and debitmanager, Vrendly, behind them.


HUBspot, an organization that is part of Leiden University, where  students can go for classes, feedback and information about entrepeneurship and innovation, aided  Wijsman and Van der Wiel with their start-up.

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