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Meet the History students in the Departmental Teaching Committee

As always, 5 students take part in the Departmental Teaching Committee History. The five of us want to represent the history students to the best of our abilities and enhance the visibility of the Committee. We are looking forward to an interesting year!

We each represent a different year and its students, only the first year has two representatives. Below some more information about us:

  • Stijn Hes represents, together with Annejet, the first-year students within the Committee. Last year he finished VWO, where he did the Nature & Technology track. He is interested in political and cultural history of the modern time.
  • Annejet Groenewegen van der Weiden is our second representative of the first-year students. Last year she was an anthropology student, but after the first year she decided to transfer to History. Her interests lie with the Roman Age and the Renaissance.
  • Teun van Hout represents the second-year students. Next to history he studies IBO, where he is a fourth-year student. He is also doing the minor Chinese Economy & Society. Within history he is going to specialise in General and Economical & Social History.
  • Coen ten Cate represents the third-year students within the Committee. His specialisation is General and Dutch History. He is interested in political and military history of the twentieth century. Last year, he was the vice-president of the Historical Study Association Leiden (HSVL) and before that, he was a part of the first-year committee of the HSVL for two years.
  • Francesca Malegiannakis is the representative of the master-students and the secretary of the Teaching Committee. She started the master Governance of Migration and Diversity in September, where she follows the history track. In February, she will also start the master International Relations. Alongside of this Committee she is also a student mentor for a class of first year students and a buddy for a group of international students.

If you have any comments, questions, complaints or feedback you can reach us on the following e-mail: olc-geschiedenis@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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