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Elastic Leidenfrost Effect on cover of Nature Physics

First author Scott Waitukaitis and principal investigator Martin van Hecke have made the cover of Nature Physics with their publication on a newly discovered effect. The Elastic Leidenfrost effect explains why hydrogel balls jump around on a hot plate making high pitched sounds.

It all started when physicist Scott Waitukaitis came across a video on YouTube. He saw colored balls bouncing around a frying pan with high-pitched squeaky noises, which inspired him so much that he decided to write a proposal for an NWO Veni grant. The rest is history: Waitukaitis received the grant, discovered a new effect and got his article published in Nature Physics, which now even makes the cover of the printed version.

Read here all about the discovery that Waitukaitis made within the research group of Martin van Hecke. Check here the current issue of Nature Physics, with this article on the cover.

After the online publication, the article was already covered in several media, including De Volkskrant, NRC, The Washington Post and RTL news.

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