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LUC Welcomes Class of 2020!

Last Monday August 14th, Leiden University College The Hague welcomed 206 students to its new Class of 2020! Coming from all the different corners of the world, the students will live and study at the LUC campus. After being welcomed by the LUC staff on Tuesday morning, the new LUC students spent the rest of their week getting to know each other and different facets of LUC The Hague.

The Hague beach

This year, many events were targeted at showing the growing number of facilities of Universiteit Leiden in The Hague. Using the full potential of The Hague, the students also went to the Scheveningen beach on Thursday afternoon for a day of sports and a barbecue with the staff members as well.

LUC community life and spirit

Head organizer Elizabeth Zeller finds the introduction week very important. “It’s a great way for students to start their lives at LUC and allows them to already dive into the community life and spirit that is essential for living on such a diverse and international campus for the next three years.”

Party's with class mates

According to Sterre van Campen (new student from Class of 2020), the efforts of the introweek paid off, “I really liked the LUC introweek and feel like I got to know the university and the new facilities in The Hague, such as Wijnhaven, much better. Obviously, there was a fair bit of partying with my fellow students as well, which I also really enjoyed and allowed me to get to know them a bit better (it’s an introweek after all). Overall, the week was very nice and balanced – LUC bring on the challenges!”

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