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Esther Keymolen at Festival TodaysArt

Esther Keymolen, Assistant Professor at eLaw- Center for Law and Digital Technologies, will attend a panel on Friday, September 27th at TodaysArt festival.

This panel explores algorithmic systems and the relationship they have to the ethics of design. Companies and governments handle complexity and deliver solutions to us in a simplified form, but can our contemporary technologies fully grasp and process the complexity and nuances of the world? If we don’t even have a commonly accepted Normative Theory of ethics among people, then how can we choose which one to embed in system design? With algorithmically driven machine learning and AI becoming increasingly embedded in the tools and systems that we use, and will use, on a daily basis, these questions are more vital than ever.

You can read the announcement here.

(picture by Tim Leguijt Fotografie)

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