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Team from Leiden wins the Rotterdam100 with plan for more environmental-friendly ships

Capture the emissions of ships and use it to cultivate algae, which you can then use to make biofuels. This was the idea that won the team from Leiden, led by Public Administration student Hein Laterveer, the Rotterdam100 competition.

Cooperation with businesses

The Rotterdam100 is a competition in which students tackle real-world problems from the city of Rotterdam. The number 100 represents the maximum amount of participants to the challenge. In the second round, students received five real-world cases. One of these cases was the extreme pollution caused by cargo ships. How can we revert this? The teams cooperated with businesses and the municipality of Rotterdam in order to create a realistic solution. Of each of these cases, the best one advanced to the next round.

The purpose: implementing the plan

The idea of the team led by Laterveer ultimately won the contest. The team strives to actually implement their idea, especially now the emissions of ships will be limited in a few years.

The competition is part of the international Next Economy Talent Competition. The team will represent Leiden in the international final in Singapore.

(CH/Source: AD)

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