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Physics Teacher Meeting at Science Faculty

On April 20, sixty participants will take part in LION’s triannual meeting for high school physics teachers, to deepen their knowledge of physics and astronomy and to explore new teaching methods. This edition marks a special occasion, as it is the last meeting organized by Bert van der Hoorn, who will retire in November.

Astronomy group leader Elena Maria Rossi opens the evening with a lecture on her study of the Milky Way using the fastest stars in the Universe. After the dinner break, Henk Buisman will evaluate the first full operational year of his online experimental physics course KwantumWereldExperimenten. He is followed by students Thijs de Buck and Margot Leemker, who present their Bachelor thesis research on respectively Research in a living lab and High-frequency amplifiers for STM microscopy. Hannie van den Bergh, founder and creative director of Studio BH, closes the evening by explaining how her company researches and develops future materials. She works together with scientific institutes to address new developments in materials science.

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