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Visit the Leiden preliminary heat of FameLab

Which two Leiden scientists will present their research in the most compelling way in three minutes? It could be those with the most supporters. The Leiden preliminary heat of FameLab is taking place on 14 February. Sign up now to be in the audience!

Exactly 180 seconds; that's how long scientists have to explain their research in as exciting a way as possible. FameLab has rapidly developed to become a highly popular and mediagenic international competition in science communication. The candidates first compete against one another in a regional heat; the Leiden preliminary heat takes place on 14 February.  An expert jury, comprising Bas Haring and Roosmaryn Pilgram and chaired by Vice-Rector Hester Bijl, will choose the two strongest presentations. The two winners will go on to the national final! 

Watch the preliminary heat

The preliminary heat is on Tuesday 14 February from 15.30 hrs. to 18.00 hrs. in the Small Auditorium in the Academy Building. You are welcome to come and watch the heat (entry is free); please fill in the registration form. The candidates will not be thrown in completely at the deep end: on 9 February they will have a day's training at HUBspot on how to pitch their research, including a practice run before a critical 'jury'. Curious about who's taking part? The candidates are all listed below.

Candidates for FameLab 2017

Nicholas Saadah Safety of plasma transfusions - how to compare two treatments when the outcome is rare.
Vera Meester Chemically designing and programming micron-sized particles such that they can act as self-building LEGO blocks.
Inge van Gool

The role of replicative polymerases in preventing cancer.

Wilbert de Witte Discovering new drugs; using mathematics to treat patients effectively, safely and timely.
Laura Steenbergen The gut-brain axis: a direct, two-way connection between the intestinal tract and the brain, that may provide a powerful target for enhancing brain functioning as well as enhancing healthy functioning.
Olga Snip Atherosclerosis regression
Roderick Bouman Phylogenetics and taxonomy of the plant genus Phyllanthus
Karin van der Tuin Exploring the genetic background of pediatric thyroid carcinoma using whole genome sequencing.
Sylvia van der Laar Pharmacy-led medication reconciliation is the most cost-effective intervention to prevent medication errors at admission.
Arun Kannawadi The Dark Universe.
Candido da Silva Harnessing the power of the body's own anti-viral machinery to destroy cancer.
Amber van Nisselrooij The outcome of false-positive cases for a coarctation of the aorta are thought to have no other pathology and are send home, but appear to have serious morbidity in almost 50% of the cases.
Christian Eistrup How planets are formed through chemistry.
Cathelijne van der Wouden  Tailoring medication to your DNA
Vincent van Duinen Making miniature blood vessels using small microchannels.


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