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Solving water problems with archaeology

Archaeologist Araceli Rojas has been invited to participate in the award-winning festival Let’s Talk about Water. This festival combines academic seminars, movies, and panel discussions around water issues around the globe.

Seminar on water management

Araceli will be part of the seminar sessions in which she will talk about her on-going project in Monte Albán, Mexico. This project investigates water management of the past as a way to develop strategies which can solve floods and water scarcity in today’s city.

The seminar will take place on February 9th, 13:00 hours, at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.

Water-themed documentaries

Araceli will also be part of one panel discussion as part of the screening of movies related to water problems in the world. She will discuss the award-winning documentary H2Omx which depicts the water problems in Mexico City.

The movie clearly explains the complexities of a city of 22 million people built on a basin with no drainage and loads of rain. The current scenario is far away from the impressive urban and hydraulic plans that the ancient Aztecs envisioned for their lake-city. The ecological and social modifications have made of this region one of the most endangered environments of the world.

The movie sessions will take place on February 9th, 16:30 hours, at De Balie, Amsterdam.

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