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Teacher meeting on Physics research and education

On the evening of Tuesday January 31st, the physics institute organizes its triannual meeting for over seventy high school teachers. The program consists of lectures on developments in modern physics and the latest initiatives in the world of education.


Researchers Dirk Bouwmeester and Anthony Brown will report first-hand on the current state of quantum research and the Gaia space mission. Vice dean of the science faculty Han de Winde talks about the differences and collaboration between the studies Physics in Leiden and Applied Physics in Delft.


Henk Buisman and Wim Sonneveld conclude the evening with the latest news on school projects. Buisman presents the progress of his project Kwantumwereld Experimenten, which has been set up to support the new quantum domains in the physics curriculum with a series of experiments. Sonneveld introduces a ‘briefcase’ filled with practical experiments on Geophysics—a relatively new subject in high schools.


17:00 Prof. Dirk Bouwmeester on the Quantum Revolution
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Prof. Han de Winde on Physics (Leiden) and Applied Physics (Delft)
19:25 Dr. Anthony Brown on the Gaia space mission
19:50 Dr. Henk Buisman on Kwantumwereld Experimenten
20:00 Ir. Wim Sonneveld on Geophysics ‘briefcase’

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