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Discussing the NSE: the national student survey

Last January, 20th, a new NSE-lunch-discussion took place. The NSE is an annual national survey among all bachelor and master students, and asks them about may topics regarding their programmes. During the lunch discussion, we highlighted several topics that stood out in the NSE-results for our program: Important topics regarded the communication on publication of grades, group-sizes and guest-lecturers in classes, and career perspectives.


Students remarked the national scores of the NSE concerning communication on examinations. The professors agreed with the students that there is room for improvement. One suggestion was to announce delays  of grade-publication. It was agreed that improvement in the communication on grade-publication and especially concerning delays are going to receive better attention by the professors.


Additionally the students noticed the groups are getting larger, and how this growth variably affects different classes. All agreed that this needs sufficient focus of the educational management, which has already taken up several measures, such as obligatory matching for prospective students, to attain the most interested students. Also an improvement to the classes could be attained by a better matching of the presentations by the guest-lecturers to the foreknowledge of the groups they teach.

Career perspectives

Though the educational management strives to attain a thorough preparation of the post-bachelor and post-master career options, students agree that recognition appears in the later years. Though the educational line of academic professionality is a continuous reoccurring in all years, its use is often recognized by students in their second and third year.
Overall the education of Bio Pharmaceutical Sciences has received a score of 4.1 on a five-points scale. And students are really satisfied with their education and would recommend it. The lunch-discussion was a success, and a great opportunity to give opinions directly to the management and professors. And for the education management to present more information on measures already being taken.

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