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Water quality tool for improved risk assessments launched

CML-Leiden University has developed a user-friendly tool that improves the risk assessment of heavy metals in surface waters. The tool was developed in cooperation with Deltares and the National Institute of Health and Environment (RIVM).

The tool has been adopted in Dutch legislation for water quality reporting for the Water Framework Directive.

Based on bioavailability

PNEC-pro tool

PNEC-pro is a scientifically based, state-of-the-art tool for professionals dealing with the assessment of surface water quality. It calculates local Predicted No-Effect Concentrations (PNEC), which are based on bioavailability of priority metals. In contrast to generic quality standards, toxicity is much better approximated by taking the local chemistry of surface waters into account.


Accepted as higher tier compliance testing method

The tool indicates whether a certain water type is more sensitive or more resilient to contamination. The methodology is accepted as a higher tier compliance testing method within the European directives.


PNEC-pro V6 can be downloaded free of charge at: www.pnec-pro.com


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