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Rosetta crowdfunding campaign for UNAWE

Universe Awareness (UNAWE) started a crowdfunding campaign together with Design & Data GmbH, with a central role for the plush 'astronaut' Rosetta. This stuffed toy is used for interactive classes, in order to teach pupils across the world about astronomy and space sciences.

The Rosetta-mission

The Rosetta-mission conquered the world with the successful public campaign of the European space agency ESA. The space agency used social media, public activities and storytelling to reach the hearts and minds of a worldwide public. Design & Data GmbH contributed with their Rosetta-cartoon series and the immense popular addition: the plush stuffed toy Rosetta.   


The Rosetta toy is now used in this crowdfunding campaign to collect money for the activities of UNAWE. Donations can be made on the Indiegogo page, for instance in exchange for the Rosetta toy. The plush toy can also be donated to underprivileged schools.  

Rosetta Strato

To support the campaign and to get a chance to win the stuffed Rosetta Strato, which flew at 30 kilometre height in the stratosphere, visit: http://igg.me/at/rosettastrato.

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