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MOOC: EU Policy and implementation: making Europe work!

What’s your experience of European policy? Does it make your life better? If not, how can we change it?

Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs is launching a free online course (MOOC) on European policy making and implementation. The course will be taught by Prof. Bernard Steunenberg on the Coursera platform, with experts from all parts of Europe offering unique insights from behind the scenes. They will answer a range of topical questions: how easy is it to relocate to another EU country? How do governments ensure that the air we breathe is clean? And who is responsible?

The course will work with leading cases that will help you to put your knowledge about Europe and policy into practice. Participants will work together on research, each in their own local setting. This makes it possible to compare not only a variety of policy instruments but also their implementation in Beijing, São Paulo or Cairo contrasted with Rome, Paris or Berlin.

So would you like to know what Europe can do for you? Then enrol for our course: ‘EU policy and implementation: making Europe work!’.

The course starts on 16 January 2017 and is taught in English. 

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