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Jorrit Rijpma presents study on Smart Borders in the LIBE Committee

On Tuesday 27 September, Jorrit Rijpma and Julien Jeandesboz (ULB) presented the preliminary findings of their study on the Commission’s smart borders proposal in the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament.

The Smart Borders Proposal entails the introduction of an Entry-Exit System at the borders of the Schengen area. Rijpma, Jeandesboz and Prof. Bigo (Centre for Research on Conflict, Liberty and Security) were asked by the Parliament’s research department to prepare a study comparing the 2016 proposal to earlier initiatives. They were also requested to assess the compliance of the system with fundamental rights, in particular the right to respect for private life and data protection.

At the hearing also the European Data Protection Supervisor, Mr. Buttarelli, presented the opinion of his service on the proposal. Both reports were critical of the data protection elements of the proposal, in particular the access of law enforcement staff to data collected at the border.

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