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Political Legitimacy Digest

This month's news and events by the profile area Political Legitimacy features the announcement of two PhD defences and several interesting seminars and conferences at Leiden University.

Besides the launch of our new website, the summer has brought not so much news, but all the more events on our agenda! The profile area Political Legitimacy is proud to announce a range of interesting meetings, including the public PhD defences by two of our own PhD students. Click on the links below for full descriptions:


Honorata Mazepus14 September, 16h15PhD Defence Honorata Mazepus – “What makes authorities legitimate in the eyes of citizens? An investigation of perceived legitimacy in different political regimes”
[Click here for a recent research update by Honorata on our website.]


Lotte Bøgh Andersen15 September, 15h30 – Lotte Andersen, Aarhus University – LEAP Project: Field experiment of Leadership and Performance – Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) Research Seminar – Stichthage, room Lange Voorhout – more information


Josephine Hartmann27 September, 11h15PhD Defence Josephine Hartmann – “A blessing in disguise?! Discretion in the context of EU decision-making, national transposition and legitimacy regarding EU directives”

[Click here for a recent research update by Josephine on our website.]


foto Mw. G.A. (Gerdi) Verbeet23 September, 14h00 – (in Dutch) Thorbeckesymposium: In naam van de burger? Burgerparticipatie in Nederland – A symposium on participatory democracy at Leiden Law School featuring several prominent Dutch speakers, including Gerdi Verbeet (former President of the Dutch House of Representatives) and Henri Lenferink (Mayor of Leiden).


Professor David Farrell, UCD School of Politics and International Relations5 October, 16h00David Farrell: “Stripped Down or Reconfigured Democracy?” – This lecture is the kick-off event of the interdisciplinary project Centre for the Study of Political Parties and Representation (CSPPR), which is financed by the Profile Area Political Legitimacy.


https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/binaries/content/gallery/ul2/etalage/help-1312026.jpg/help-1312026.jpg/d480x278 20-21 OctoberConference: From Disorder to Order – This conference is the kick-off event of the interdisciplinary project From Disorder to Order - Conflict and the Resources of Legitimacy, which is financed by the Profile Area Political Legitimacy.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor american flag copyright free9 November, 7h30Into the White House – The profile area Political Legitimacy will be organizing a free breakfast festival at the Kamerlingh Onnes Building for students & staff to discuss the outcome of the USA presidential elections, featuring short lectures and discussions from experts from within and without Leiden University. Save the date, more information will follow shortly.

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