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International Studies students crowdfund refugee film project

Timo Schmidt and Florian Volz, both International Studies students, have travelled the route many refugees took to reach Europe by bike in the summer of 2016. Through crowdfunding, they want to finance their documentary about this journey. With three days to go, they are at 90% of their target amount of €6.000.

Out of pocket

By now, both students have gathers weeks’ worth of material that has yet to be made into a documentary. Initially, they financed their journey themselves, with the help of donations of friends and family. By now, though, their financial reserves have reached their limit. That is why they have decided to try and finance the remainder of the project through crowdfunding, and they’re almost there!

Not just director

The goal is not just to act as director of a documentary, but to show the daily challenges many refugees are faced with by travelling the same route as them. The stories of refugees play a leading role in this journey. Rather than focus on point A and point B of the route, the documentary highlights the journey in between, and the borders and limits refugees have to cross both geographically and mentally.

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