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Half million euros subsidy for pension research

Researchers from the department of Economics – Marike Knoef, Kees Goudswaard, Koen Caminada, Jim Been en Lieke Kools- have been awarded a major subsidy provided by Netspar. Netspar is a scientific knowledge network which is dedicated to promote a better understanding of the economic and social impact of pension systems, aging populations, and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.

The aging society, developments on the labor market and the low interest rate put pressure on the Dutch pension system. In order to reform the pension system, research is necessary. In the research programme entitled Uncertainty over the life cycle: implications for pensions and savings behavior, the researchers will investigate uncertainty in income and health over the lifecycle. Secondly, they analyze the consequences for savings behavior. How much should employees and the self-employed save for an adequate pension? What is the optimal timing of retirement savings, given income dynamics and household composition over the lifecycle? And what are the consequences for wealth inequality?

Previously, these researchers investigated the wealth accumulation of Dutch households. Results are published in scientific international journals, but are also frequently used by policy makers, pension funds and insurance companies, and are even mentioned in the ‘Miljoenennota’ (the Annual Budget).

This project will take place in collaboration with the University of Groningen, VU Amsterdam and University College London.

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