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Honours Summer Course: Law, Power and Inequality

Have you ever wondered what law has accomplished in different countries and jurisdictions? If it even has accomplished anything at all, or that it are all promises of a better world? And have you ever thought about the role of law in the war on terror, in climate change, in emancipation and protection of the world’s most vulnerable populations? Then this new Honours Class on law, power and inequality might be something for you.

What is unique about this Honours Class is that it not only offers an into-depth course on law and social sciences, but that it also focusses on global perspectives. During this course, you will work together with students from the university of Maryland to explore the different relationships between law, power and inequality in countries around the globe. By working together with international students, you will be able to gain more insights on how and why these relationships can differ depending on the social, political and national contexts.

Four online global classroom meetings in block 4 with the students from Maryland will lay a foundation for the (guest) lectures and field trips from summer course in June 2017. If you are interested in this course and want some more information, see the e-prospectus.

Not a Honours student, but still interested? You too can enroll

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