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Universe Awareness celebrates tenth anniversary

Universe Awareness (UNAWE), an international programme that inspires children from the age of four to twelve with our wonderful cosmos, exists ten years.

To celebrate this ten year anniversary UNAWE organises different contests, courses, educational events and other activities across the globe. For example, UNAWE holds a competition in which contestants need to design their own Space Scoop Comic. In another contest the UNAWE network can win a Bresser Refractor telescope for educational purposes. UNAWE also organises a Universe Awareness Symposium during the Space Education International Workshop in Leiden. During this workshop participants learn how to use astronomy and space effectively in education.


The international office of UNAWE started at the Leidse Sterrewacht of Leiden University in 2006. In 2011, UNAWE received a grant of the European Union to finance UNAWE in six countries. Since then, the UNAWE network has grown to more than sixty countries worldwide. UNAWE reached almost half a million children with the help of this network, which contains more than a thousand teachers and astronomers. In the past ten years 9,000 teachers were trained, 10,000 Earth Balls and 1,050 Universe in a Box kits were distributed worldwide and 311 Space Scoops were published in 34 languages.

The website of UNAWE shows all activities regarding the ten year anniversary.

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