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Universe Awareness on Euronews: Raising young peoples’ eyes to the stars

Space, stars, and galaxies. The wonders of the universe can be captivating and studying them is helping us unravel their mysteries. This edition of 'Learning World' looks at some projects that are offering classroom experiences that are truly out of this world.

In 61 countries around the world, the basic concepts of astronomy are taught to children by the Universe Awareness organisation, UNAWE. Buzani Khumalo oversees the workshops in the Cape Town area. In South Africa, schools are often overcrowded and the science curriculums are few and far between.

“Now our learners, they are able to start studying science at a very young age, and that increases their passion for science. We hope that we will now be able to increase the science literacy in our young learners, until their high school level,” he says.

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