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What's Next: the Graduated Class of 2016

After three (or four) years of hard study, there are every year a lot of Bachelor students that say goodbye to go and explore the wide world. Where are they going next? And what will they miss most about our beautiful city? For the coming weeks, we will tell the stories of 6 recent Bachelor graduates in Public Affairs and Leiden University College, who we spoke about their future plans, most precious college memories and their favorite spot in the Hague.

Shakiela Abdoel on her favourite spot in the Hague: Het Plein
‘‘It’s really incredible to witness the practical side of what you are studying from up close!’’
Who is Shakiela?

Shakiela is 24 years old and is originally from the Hague. Next to her studies in Public Affairs, she volunteers as a ‘Taalmaatje (Language Buddy)’ and she volunteered for the Dutch police. Having finished her final thesis on ‘Policy Freedom of Police Officers during Understaffing.’, she has now obtained the coveted Bachelor’s diploma.

And now?
First I am going to make an amazing trip through the United States with my partner this summer, and then in September I will start the Master’s Programme Crisis & Security Management. I am also going to start thinking about what I want to do next.

What is your favorite memory of the past three years?
It’s not really one memory, but it’s more a more general memory. What I always loved so much was that I would leave a class in which we discussed all sorts of political issues, and then spot Mark Rutte as soon as I’d walk out the door. It’s really incredible to witness the practical side of what you are studying from up close!

What is the most valuable lesson you learned from three years of studying?
One of the things I learned is that you don’t learn from books, but from experience. During my internship at the police, I didn’t necessarily apply everything I’ve learnt in my studies, but at the same time you learn so much during the process. The skills you’ve trained with writing a paper, for example, are actually so much more important than the actual subject you are writing about!’’

And how did you experience studying in the Hague?
Because I am from the Hague myself, it’s a little different of course, but I was surprised to find how many new spots I discovered in the city for the past three years! The Hague is so vivid: there is always something going on. That’s why I chose the Plein as my favorite spot! It’s such a dynamic place. People will be having drinks with each other and have fun conversations, while in the background there’s a protest going on!

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