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University concludes strategic partnership with associations

Leiden University is entering into a strategic partnership with the Leiden student associations and the Local Chamber of Associations (PKvV). The parties are committed to maintaining and strengthening the existing good relations between them.

The collaboration is intended to create opportunities for students, so that they can develop their skills as broadly as possible during the years they are studying. This means in practice that the existing joint initiatives will be continued or expanded.

Leiden University has already been working with the PKvV and the Leiden student associations for a long time, a collaboration that has proved highly successful over the years. The University has, for example, provided grants for students who want to hold administrative functions and there is a fund available for large-scale events. The parties also hold regular discussions in the field of security, including fire safety.  

‘We are now bringing all these initiatives together,' Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker explained. ‘This is important because the whole of the city of Leiden is in fact one big university campus. We are all closely connected.'  Alderik Oosthoek, Chairman of the PKvV, is also happy with the partnership. 'Together, we and the University make sure that there is a pleasant and safe environment for studying in Leiden. That's quite unique.'

,Alderik Oosthoek, Chairman of the PKvV, adds his signature. Rector magnificus Carel Stolker looks on.


The partners to this strategic agreement based their plans on Leiden University's 2015-2020 institutional plan. This states that the University aims to activate students' talents and that they need to be prepared for the job market and for the world of tomorrow.  The signatories stressed that student associations offer good opportunities via committee and board activities for students to gain experience in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership.  

In addition, members of the associations gain experience in working together in teams. The University is firmly convinced of the importnce of this kind of interdisciplinary collaboration. It offers opportunities for meeting and forming good working relationships with fellow students from other disciplinary areas. 

International learning environment

The University and the associations are keen to promote an international learning environment. As part of this endeavour, the PKvV is currently exploring the wishes of international students. The results of this study will help student associations meet their needs, so that Leiden will become an even more attractive city for students.

Signature in HUBspot

The strategic partnership was signed on 24 June in HUBspot. HUBspot is due to open in September als the centre for innovation and entrepreneurship for Leiden University, the Leiden Hogeschool and the municipality of Leiden. The centre will be the key regional location for teaching entrepreneurship. There will also be an incubator, a place where new business people can follow workshops, have the benefit of coaching and even rent an office.

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